Jackbit Casino Sister Sites – A Comprehensive Jackbit Review

Jackbit Casino Sister Sites – A Comprehensive Jackbit Review

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๐Ÿš€ 4 Sister Sites

Sister Casinos ยป Jackbit Casino Sister Sites – A Comprehensive Jackbit Review

Last Updated on September 28, 2023

Jackbit Casino Sister Sites

This comprehensive Jackbit review will examine how its corporate structure and policies impact its player base. We’ll contrast them with three Jackbit casino sister sites so that you see the full scale of what they’re trying to accomplish. Though Ryker B.V. owns many sites, most are small and regionally themed. The leading international sister site they’ve launched as a Jackbit Casino alternative is Freshbet.

Sites Like Jackbit Casino

MyStake Casino Sister Sites

Bonuses: ๐ŸŽ ยฃ1000

Accepted Countries:

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฑ


๐Ÿš€ 4 Sister Sites

Reviews of Jackbit Sister Sites

Smaller sister casinos come with their laundry lists of benefits and drawbacks. While you’re more likely to encounter something outside the mainstream. You’re also expected to see less polished support options and a somewhat experimental set of RTP and bonus options.

There are quite a few similarities between Freshbet and Jackbit, though there are some important (and some might say unfortunate) differences. So, allow us to introduce you to Freshbet, and you can decide if this Jackbit Casino sister site is a worthy successor to the original.

Jackbit Casino Sister Site – Freshbet

Freshbet Casino Homepage
Freshbet Casino Homepage

While Jackbit Casino went out of its way to avoid gimmick bonus offers, its sister site Freshbet Casino took quite a different route.

Freshbet offers a 155% Crypto Welcome Bonus up to $500. If you hope to clear it quickly, relying on variance, remember that only $10 or fewer wagers count towards the rollover requirement. And it’s a massive requirement: The 40x rollover of deposit + bonus isn’t any deal. Typically the result will be the loss of your entire premium and a chunk of your initial deposit, even when grinding 97% RTP games.

Freshbet Casino also offers a 10% rakeback bonus. However, it comes with a 45x rollover requirement. That’s pretty tough. Finally, their 100% Matching Up to $500 Casino Welcome Bonus has a 30x rollover requirement. Though the T&Cs aren’t obvious, that’s another deposit + bonus clearance. That makes these bonuses reasonably unattractive. The only decent bonus is the 3+1 Freebet offer, with similar terms as the Jackbit Casino version of the offer.

The good news is that Freshbet has the same massive selection of games as Jackbit. So it can cater to everyone, from penny slot players to the highest rollers. Crypto deposit and withdrawal methods help, but once again, consider becoming a VIP to avoid low monthly withdrawal limits if you plan to make a big deposit. Freshbet Casino’s deposit methods include crypto, VISA, MasterCard, and online currency sites.

Freshbet is the same as Jack Bit in a lot of important ways. But ignore the virtually unclearable bonus offers and instead concentrate on the massive variety of games that they have available.

Sites such as Jackbit Casino take these things to the extreme. We’ll discuss their radical take on bonuses and how they’ve positioned themselves in the opposite direction regarding their sister site.

At the end of it all, the decision will be yours. Are you going to chase the gold dragon that represents traditional casino bonuses? Or will sites like Jackbit Casino convert you to a new way of thinking about your time spent on gambling sites?

We’re about to find out the strap-in for a comprehensive Jackbit review.

A Comprehensive Jackbit Review

Jackbit Homepage
Jackbit Homepage

At first glance, Jackbit looks more like a sleek, futuristic video game than a real money online casino. It has a metallic glint, elegant and alluring. The menu layout is different from most casinos, too. Instead of presenting a simple top-to-bottom structure like most online casinos, everything is controlled by a sidebar to the left. It’s strange seeing something there when most casinos leave that entire area as a void.

But once you get used to the navigation, everything is as it seems: Sports betting, casino games, live table games, promotions, and support options. Not having to scroll to the bottom of the screen or dig around in collapsed menus for help options is always a plus.

But before we dig too far into the function behind these menus, let’s look at who designed them in the first place. Our policy at Sister Casinos is to do a little investigation before we present a site for your consideration.

Jackbit Casino History

If you’re familiar with smaller, regional online casinos, the name Ryker B.V. (also known as RYKER DEVELOPMENT LIMITED, registration number HE412288; registered in Cyprus) is standard. They run several small sites in the Baltic regions, Spain, and Italy. But until recently, they didn’t charge headfirst into a primarily English, multinational online casino.

In 2022, that all changed. Jackbit was launched under a 1668/JAZ license issued by Curaรงao eGaming (bearing registration number: 154186). As we’ve mentioned in our Ultimate Casino Guide, this isn’t the best license in the world (or even the best one in Curacao). But it’s cheap, which was probably their primary concern then.

Within months, Jackbit became a sensation. But the stir was about more than just what they were offering. It was also about what they needed to show.

You see, Jackbit decided to launch without any significant welcome bonus offer. Their theory was that most people lose the bonus back to the house because that’s how online casinos structure the rollover requirements. So why cause stress and hassle to your players, overload your support team with complaints about the technicalities of bonus clearing, and misrepresent themselves?

Why not just make a great gaming site?


And that’s precisely what they did. Even in May of 2023, Jackbit offers no significant signup bonus, instead offering big monthly competitive prize pools. It was a radical move on their part. Did it work?

 Well, they’re still around, and so is the Jackbit Casino sister site, Freshbet (which we’ll discuss later). Most of their regional gaming sites are also alive, so they don’t regret their departure from accepted industry wisdom.

And since we don’t have to talk about some complicated bonus structure, we get to discuss the site itself.

JackBit Casino splits its attention between high and low stakes, catering to both crowds without alienating anyone. Deposit methods are biased towards crypto, but they also accept VISA, MasterCard, and the usual intermediaries.

The high-stakes players will like the crypto deposit options available. They should also consider applying for VIP status. Otherwise, you’ll be restricted to withdrawing $15,000 a month. This is becoming the norm with Curacao casinos, both as an anti-money laundering measure and as a liquidity hedge against unlucky (for the casino) multi-jackpot hits all at once.


As of late May 2023, 6,100 casino games are available at Jackbit Casino, many geared towards high rollers. Everyone wants a shot at that ultra-rare million-dollar spins’ at Jackbit Casino. There are multiple opportunities to hit just that.

The great equalizer is the sportsbook, which just about everybody can partake in at their chosen bankroll. Everyone with a decent wagering budget can take advantage of the 3+1 Freebet system, which takes the average of your last three consecutive sports wagers and gives you a free bet based on the average. $100 is the maximum qualifying bet, and $10 is the minimum. For example, if you make three consecutive football bets of $40, $60, and $50, you can make a free $50 bet.

Although the 200 live casino tables are available to everyone, they are a high roller favorite. Over 100 of the tables are run by Evolution, one of the world’s most well-known remote live table management companies. Evolution also provides access to big commercial franchises, such as Monopoly and Deal Or No Deal.

The monthly $500,000 Drops & Wins leaderboard allows Jackbit Casino’s players to compete in slots tournaments. Rewards include free spins, free credits, and cash prizes. This is the site’s way to give back to its player base, opting for a fixed amount rather than the dubious promise of deposit bonuses.

But even if you don’t have the budget to compete in slot tournaments, make several $10 sports bets in a row, or live the high roller life, low-stakes players have plenty of things to do on Jackbit. Penny slots are alive and well here. Starburst from NetEnt is an excellent example of this. It’s a 10-pay line, low-volatility slot with a 96.09% RTP. That means you can sit back, relax, and not worry about blowing your entire bankroll on more high-risk machines.

Another feature of Jackbit is the Minigame selection. These real money games are only found in a limited number of online casinos, and the Jackbit Casino sister sites are two of them. They’re sometimes used as part of monthly giveaways and promotions, in addition to being fun in their own right.

Jackbit is just built differently. It has an uncomplicated bonus structure focused on rewarding loyalty and a sleek interface that gives you confidence with each click. When you consider the sheer number of games that they have available, there’s something for everyone here.

Jackbit Casino Similar Sites

To have a point of comparison, we would like to introduce three sites that have similar slots, sportsbooks, and minigames to Jackbit.

A ‘similar site,’ as you might know if you’ve read our Ultimate Casino Guide, is a site that doesn’t share common ownership with the original but has a similar suite of games available and tends to cater to the same crowd as the original. In this case, we’re looking for cryptocurrency-friendly sites that cover high and low rollers and have a gaming profile covering most common online casino functions except for bingo and slingo.

And we found just such a set of sites. The Santeda International B.V. (Cyprus registration number: HE406761) sister sites are popular, particularly in the same circles that enjoy Jackbit Casino. They have many of the same game developers in common, as you’re about to see. They also have a Curacao 1668/JAZ license, just like Jackbit. 

The three Jackbit Casino similar sites that we’re going to examine are MyStake, Rolletto, and Goldenbet. This trio of real money casinos has a similar profile to Jackbit, though their layouts and themes are far more ‘standard.’

Being older sites, they have the advantage of being far more well-known than the relatively new Jackbit Casino. This means they have far more public ratings on sites such as TrustPilot, enough that we can draw reliable conclusions about public opinion. We’ll discuss these individually when we come to the reviewed sites.

So let’s examine these three sites to see what they offer and contrast them to Jackbit Casino.

Jackbit Alternative – MyStake

Mystake Homepage
Mystake Homepage

If you look at some of the MyStake reviews, you’ll see that it’s one of the highest-rated online casinos on the site, with a score of 5.00 as of late May 2023. While some casinos engage in an activity known as ‘astroturfing’ or paying for positive reviews on various sites, there’s no apparent activity here. Regardless, you should trust your experiences over those of random people on the Internet.

MyStake Games

The strengths of MyStake are similar to the forces of Jackbit: Providing great table games, minigames, sports betting, and slots. And they share the same gaps as well. Bingo and slingo must be included (at least in their usual forms).

This might be an image thing. Because of the cryptocurrency bias of the site, it tends to attract a lot of high-rollers. Bingo-related games could be more attractive to the high roller, representing a good portion of MyStake’s income.

Those high rollers will enjoy the high limit, live versions of popular table games, and the high-stakes slot machines available from over a dozen vendors. The sportsbook offers all the traditional fares that high rollers love, including racing, E-sports, and virtual sports.

Still, most players will be in the medium stake range, and most will enjoy the 5,200 casino games that the site has available as of late May 2023. And anyone who wants to take a punt on the ponies or put $20 on their favorite sports team can take advantage of MyStake’s 3 + 1 Freebet Bonus, which will give them a free fourth bet after three consecutive qualifying sports bets (valued at the average cost of those bets). So, for example, if you were to make three straight wagers of $40, $70, and $100, you would earn a free bet of $70 ($210 divided by three). We’ll talk more about the bonuses that MyStake offers shortly.

Other medium stake activities include the array of minigames we mentioned when discussing Jackbit Casino. The same developer makes these games, though the stated RTP is still being determined, given conflicting information between sources. One of their blog posts cites a 99% RTP on these minigames, while the minigame page has at least one mention of 98% RTP (on Limbo). So we cannot state definitively how the developers and casino have set the intended RTP percentage.

On the low-stakes side, penny slots are everywhere on MyStake. You can play all the comfortable, low-volatility slots on most online real money casinos. Or you can go for high volatility with Penny Pelican from Bgaming. It has a 95.98% RTP, 20 paylines, and the tendency to give players a feast-or-famine experience. This is your game if you like your pennies to buy a lot of variances.

MyStake Bonuses

These are all great features for an online casino looking to attract a wide variety of customers. The downside of this particular scenario is MyStake’s bonus offers. Don’t get me wrong; there are plenty of themโ€ฆ sixteen at the time of writing. But there’s a looming issue, and we saw it before when we talked about Freshbet: Greed.

There’s no reason (besides raw greed on the casino’s part) to put massive ‘deposit + bonus’ rollover requirements on all your bonus offers. The math on this can get complex, but from the simplest running of the numbers, most of these bonuses are designed to drain the player’s bankroll before they clear the rollover requirements or, at the very least, put a significant dent in it.

Take, for example, the 170% slot bonus for first-time crypto deposits. Theoretically, the punter is depositing between $20 and $600 to clear a bonus of 170%, but not since 170% of $600 is $1,020, and the max reward is $1,000. What’s $20 between friends?

Returning to the offer, there’s a maximum wager of $5 per pull to make it count toward your bonus clearance. That removes most chances of variance helping you out since the requirement is a staggering 30x rollover of deposit + bonus. That’s $1,600 worth of deposit and bonus, divided by $5 per spin to make it 320, time 30 rollovers for a clean 9,600 spins. Things average out towards the slot machine’s designed RTP at that point. Even at 97% RTP, the average player will see most of their bankroll disappear before the herculean feat is done.

So that’s not a great deal, but what about the 100% minigame bonus offer when you deposit between $20 and $500? The proposal doesn’t apply to DiceBlackJackPlinko, or Limbo, so those are probably the highest RTP minigames (see above regarding the 99% RTP claim and the confusion that resulted). With a 30x wagering requirement on deposit + bonus and a $10 per play max to have the bets count towards your rollover clearance, you’re in the same boat we described above. This is your risk when playing on machines without a stated RTP.

If you like the site, stick to the bonus offers that are freerolls. There’s a nice 10 Free Dino Minigame Run bonus, as an example. It’s free, and you only have to clear the winnings afterward. Or take advantage of the sports wagering 3 + 1 Freebet Bonus and enjoy the occasional free bet. Don’t base your enjoyment of the site on clearing bonuses because most people will not accomplish that goal.


Although the FAQ doesn’t definitively state deposit and withdrawal options, this blog post states that MyStake uses ‘bank transfer-SEPA, SWIFT, Interac, Skrill, Neteller, Ecopayz, PIX, and Crypto payments.’ The other MyStake sister sites are similar.

Remember that all non-VIPs have a monthly withdrawal limit of $15,000. So if you hit the jackpot, that money could be stranded for years unless you can convince the site to give you VIP status. Any high rollers joining MyStake should become VIPs before making any large deposits. Talk to support about that process.

If you ignore the horrible bonus offers, MyStake is a decent Jackbit Casino similar site. Nothing stops you from simply ignoring the bonus offers and instead playing the games and the limits you enjoy without worrying about finding some angle to chip away at a mountain of rollover requirements.

Jackbit Alternative – Rolletto

Rolletto Homepage
Rolletto Homepage

Rolletto is a reskin of MyStake that features the sportsbook aspects of the site heavily. Many splash screens and ads will involve Premier League and UEFA football betting, two of the most significant international draws. In late May of 2023, they offered a wide variety of wagers on 1,350 different football games!

And while the reality is that all of the MyStake sister sites offer the same things, perception is important. Even the title of Rolletto’s browser tab starts by saying ‘Sports Betting Website.’ This impacts everything from the bonus offers you can expect to any perceived strengths or weaknesses of their customer care.

The site offers daily wagers on over 4,000 sports, E-sports, world events, racing, and virtual sporting instances. They also have all of the standard live betting options: Early cash-out, mid-game bets, prop bets, accumulated odds bets, and even purely statistical wagers are available.

As a MyStake sister site, Rolletto offers the same array of games for both high and low rollers. From the massive million-dollar spin opportunities on $500 bets to penny-per-pay line thrills such as Joker Pro (10 paylines, 96.8% RTP), Rolletto hits all fields.

They also publish the ‘hottest’ and ‘coldest’ slots and games right on the homepage of their website. By tracking 24-hour RTPs, Rolletto can tell you what slots are streaking and which are ice cold. Of course, this doesn’t mean anything, given that every spin of an online slot has no memory of the spin before it (save for counters relevant to gameplay mechanics). But it’s a fun little tracking mechanism that inspires some players to visit machines they might not have tried in the past.

Rolletto Bonuses

The casino bonuses are extensive, such as the 100% Deposit Matching Up To $1,500. And that might be a tempting grind to try if the terms and conditions were any good. Sadly, we’re looking at a foul 40x rollover of deposit + bonus. That’s just ridiculous. It’s designed to flatline your bankroll with tiny papercuts, $5 at a time. Yes, $5 wagers are the maximum clearance for these rollovers. So the vast majority of the time, variance won’t save you from these terrible bonus offers.

That also goes for the 100% Crypto Deposit Matching Up To $1,000 offer, another 40x deposit + bonus snoozefest. Those same terms apply to the first and second parts of the Welcome Casino Package until, on your third reload, they ‘mercifully’ drop the rollover requirements to a slightly less impossible 30x deposit + bonus. The correct reply to this kind of abuse is: ‘Thank you, sir. May I have another?

Still, the core offerings of Rolletto are just fine. Ignore the bonuses other than automatic and freeroll offers, and there’s plenty to enjoy from this Jackbit Casino similar site.

Jackbit Alternative – Goldenbet

Goldenbet Homepage
Goldenbet Homepage

Goldenbet focuses on the slot side for both presentations and their (deeply flawed) bonus offers. Like the other MyStake sister sites, this one has an impressive array of slot machines, ranging from penny ante to high stakes.

It can act in the capacity of a low-deposit casino by offering a massive selection of high RTP penny slots. One of the classic penny slots that you might see in their advertisements, 888 Dragons from Pragmatic Play, embodies this low bankroll friendliness. With a 96.84% RTP and the most straightforward three-slot setup you’ve ever seen, you can spend a long time playing in a relatively stress-free environment.

But of course, there are plenty of options for the high roller as well. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate online OTB experience (Over 400 races listed on this particular day in late May 2023) or live casino action that includes over 30 baccarat tables and over 60 blackjack tables, you’ll have the variety you’re looking for at Goldenbet.

As you might imagine, the game selection is almost identical to the other MyStake sister casinos. 13 minigames, thousands of slots including mega ways and jackpot games, and digital versions of table games are all at your fingertips.

Goldenbet Bonuses

And of course, the weakness is once again in the bonus offers. In contrast, less punishing than Rolletto, the 35x deposit + bonus rollover requirements sour most proposals. Even the sportsbook offer is particularly harsh. Sure, they offer a Sports Welcome Bonus of 100%, Matching Up to $500. And yes, it’s at a (high, but within industry standard) 10x rollover. But instead of 1.3 odds, as seen at Rolletto, they demand 1.4 odds for some reason. Whenever you see something reasonable in the bonus section, a new clause pops out of the woodwork to ramp up the greed factor. It’s annoying at best, distasteful at worst.

Still, GoldenBet has a friendly interface and a good atmosphere. But the policies make you wonder why you would play at this Jackbit Casino similar site instead of MyStake. If anyone can answer that question, given the even more harsh bonus requirements, we’re all ears.


The original Jackbit Casino is hard to beat. Given its no-BS policy on bonus offerings, opting instead to offer things like monthly prize pools for tournament slots and easy-to-understand sportsbook wagering bonuses, why not go right to the original? As a Jackbit sister site, Freshbet is the same thing but with added B.S. and (in the writer’s opinion) subtracted fun. Some people may be in pain and enjoy trying to clear near-impossible bonuses.

Rolletto is probably the best Jackbit Casino sister site. The addition of 24-hour RTP statistics is a lot of fun. Yes, the bonuses are B.S., but you can ignore them. That’s your best bet on all of these sites with 30+ times deposit + bonus requirements. Remember, you’re there to have fun, not grind against long odds.

Between the original Jackbit and the similar Rolletto, we hope you’ll find all the action you’re looking for!

Jackbit Casino Sister Sites

Bonuses: ๐ŸŽ ยฃ1000

Accepted Countries:

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡น ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช

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