Jammy Monkey Sister Sites – An Honest Jammy Monkey Review

Jammy Monkey Sister Sites – An Honest Jammy Monkey Review

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Last Updated on April 26, 2024

If you remember our mFortune sister sites review from a couple of months ago, you’ll remember that the Jammy Monkey sister sites were acquired by Skywind, who bought out InTouch and all of their properties. This infusion of money and technology could have brought some much-needed variation to these sites, dominated by InTouch’s technology. Strap yourself in for a bumpy ride. This one is going to be something other than pretty.

The Jammy Monkey Sister Sites

For better or worse, there are many other sites like Jammy Monkey in the form of her sister sites. Most of them have a far more narrow game pool as far as slots go but often have other offerings such as bingo and slingo. But can they break the curse of the Skywind takeover? Let’s find out.

So, these are the Jammy Monkey sister sites that we’re about to take a look at: Mr Spin, Casino 2020, Cashmo, PocketWin, Dr. Slot, Bonus Boss and mFortune.

We’ll mostly look for ‘outlier’ features on these sites or what makes them different. Given that most of them use the InTouch suit of games, this boils down to extra features and policies, mostly.

With that in mind, let’s look at the Jammy Monkey sister sites with a critical eye.

Sites Like Jammy Monkey

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Bonuses: 🎁 £‎100
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18+. T&Cs Apply. New players only. Welcome Bonus - 100% up to £‎123. There is a 50x bonus wagering requirement. This bonus only applies for deposits of €/$/£10 or higher! All you need to do is just deposit the money in your Fun Casino account and you will receive this bonus instantly! Skrill/Neteller deposits are excluded from the offer.
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🚀 6 Sister Sites

18+. T&Cs Apply. New players only. Welcome Bonus - 100% up to £‎100. There is a 40x bonus wagering requirement. This bonus only applies for deposits of €/$/£10 or higher! All you need to do is just deposit the money in your Pub Casino account and you will receive this bonus instantly! Skrill/Neteller deposits are excluded from the offer.
Casino Casino Sister Sites
Bonuses: 🎁 £‎100
Accepted Countries:

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🚀 6 Sister Sites

18+. T&Cs Apply. New players only. Welcome Bonus - 100% up to £‎100. There is a 40x bonus wagering requirement. This bonus only applies for deposits of €/$/£10 or higher! All you need to do is just deposit the money in your Casino Casino account and you will receive this bonus instantly! Skrill/Neteller deposits are excluded from the offer.
Yako Casino Sister Sites
Bonuses: 🎁 £‎99
Accepted Countries:

🇬🇧 🇪🇸 🇮🇹 🇦🇹 🇮🇪


🚀 6 Sister Sites

18+. T&Cs Apply. New players only. Welcome Bonus - 100% up to £‎99 + 99 Free Spins. There is a 40x bonus wagering requirement. This bonus only applies for deposits of €/$/£20 or higher! All you need to do is just deposit the money in your Yako Casino account and you will receive this bonus instantly! Skrill/Neteller deposits are excluded from the offer.

Reviews of Jammy Monkey Sister Sites

Mr. Spin – The Jammy Monkey Sister Sites

Mr Spin Homepage

Mr. Spin is a site dedicated to bingo, roulette, and slots. If you took Jammy Monkey and gave it some bingo options, you would get Mr Spin. Some older InTouch games are on display here because the site opened in 2016.

But that also means that things could be more modern. For example, no slot search icon is available on Mr. Spin by default, whereas Jammy Monkey always has this feature, even if you aren’t logged in.

Many games on Mr. Spin are available that must be added to some of her sister’s sites. For example, in the first week of August 2023, Mr. Spin had about twice as many games as Jammy Monkey.

Sadly, this means that some of InTouch’s worst titles, such as Dog Detectives (90.11% RTP), are available. Red Devil Reel is terrible as well (89.99% RTP). Remember that the UK has no minimum RTP standards, so this is legal.

Mr. Spin’s No Deposit Bonus offers 50 Free Spins, with a 40x rollover on any winnings. Their First Deposit Bonus offers 100% Matching Up To £100. Most players will never clear the 40x rollover requirement, of course.

Depending on the season, the site has three or four bingo rooms, offering a Bingo Mega Jackpot that starts with a £10,000 seed and climbs from there. In early August 2023, that jackpot is at £29,000. To claim it, get a Full House in 31 calls or less. There’s a bingo Loyalty Shop with online vouchers and bonus credits.

Mr. Spin is wrong, and it should not feel good. Their terrible RTP, unforgiving bonus structure, and lousy support make them an undesirable real-money online casino. Which means they’re the typical Jammy Monkey sister site, sadly.

Casino 2020 – Jammy Monkey Sister Sites

Casino 2020 Homepage

Casino 2020 is a site that advertises high variance, but in reality, they aren’t that different from the other Jammy Monkey sister sites. They offer around 60 slots and no bingo to speak of.

Casino 2020 Bonuses

The site’s random theme extends to its bonus offers. They have a ‘UP TO’ clause on their bonuses. So their no-deposit bonus is UP TO £20 and UP TO 20 Free Spins. Their first deposit bonus gives you UP TO £300 and UP TO 400 Free Spins. Combining that with a 40x rollover requirement will require luck to get anything out of them.


Their first two featured slots on the home page are Royal Joker Slots, with a 92.07% RTP and Frozen Stiff, with a 90.06% RTP. That’s what makes me so angry about these sites. They’re trying to rip you off and don’t try hiding it. Just about every slot is below the industry average of 95% RTP, and they push the worst ones of the bunch.

Alright, not the absolute worst… that would be their Amityville slot at 90.04% RTP. But pretty close. How hard would it be to eliminate their slots under 94% RTP? The site would still be below average, but at least it wouldn’t be borderline criminal.

Speaking of slimy practices, how about we add some RTP tanking to Casino 2020’s list:

  • Spin A Clue used to be 94.51% RTP in 2022. Now it’s just 94.13%, 0.39% lower than it used to be.
  • Operation Wilds used to have a 94.62% RTP. Now it’s 94.1% RTP, 0.52% lower than the good old days. 

Absolute, pure greed. Enough of this.

Casino 2020 is the worst Jammy Monkey sister site. That’s saying a lot because there aren’t any real gems here.

But now you know why their Trustpilot score is in the toilet. Their awful RTP combined with RTP tanking could be better, and their support doesn’t do them any favors, either. It would help if you got away from Casino 2020 as fast as possible.

Cashmo – Jammy Monkey Sister Sites

Cashmo Casino Homepage

Much like Jammy Monkey, Cashmo is a pure slot site. But it is short for this world.

When you go to read about their bonuses, you’ll get the following message:

The Cashmo website will stop accepting deposits soon. You can still log in and withdraw any of your available Cash Credit. Please log in and visit the withdraw page and receive your cashable balance.

Cashmo is closing its doors and moving its site to a new brand. This new casino is not technically a Jammy Monkey sister site and operates under a different license entirely.

Why are they doing this when later on the same page, they are advertising other Jammy Monkey sister sites? We have yet to learn. Was Cashmo a failed experiment? Is this Skywind starting to move around and consolidate its properties? Or is there a third party involved somehow?

Regardless of the answer to those questions, we suggest you refrain from opening an account at Cashmo. They’re going away soon, so don’t risk depositing money just before that happens.

PocketWin – Jammy Monkey Sister Sites

Pocketwin Casino Homepage
Pocketwin Casino Homepage

PocketWin is a Jammy Monkey sister site heavily advertised as a mobile-optimized real money online casino. They’re broader than the original site, offering bingo, casino, and slot games.

At least most of their featured slots on the homepage are 94% RTP, which could be better but is far better than the garbage being pushed on the other Jammy Monkey sister sites.

PocketWin has table games that include both Roulette and Blackjack. With perfect strategy, you can expect a little over 97% RTP. But don’t expect to clear any bonuses with them since they only count for 10% of your bonus rollover.

You’re unlikely to clear a bonus anyway, given the 40x rollover requirements on their No-Deposit Bonus is £10, and the First Deposit Bonus of a 200% Deposit Match Up to £100.

PocketWin has five bingo rooms total, each with its progressive jackpot. Progressives can be claimed by hitting a whole house before the 35th call.

The issue is that PocketWin’s average RTP is still low, and their support could be better. Expect a tiny EV here, and you might be unable to withdraw your money promptly if other players’ experience is any guide.

Dr. Slot – Jammy Monkey Sister Sites

Dr Slot Homepage

Dr. Slot is precisely what it says on the tin: A slots-only Bonus Boss sister site. It has a friendly GUI, possibly the most pleasant of all the sites we’ve reviewed in this article. But it’s still feature-poor, lacking filters or a search mechanism for the slots from the default homepage. Looks aren’t everything. 

It suffers the same drop in RTP that many of the other Bonus Boss sister sites have. 

For example, their game of the month for August 2023 is Doom Lord. Like other featured machines on the site, it sits at a terrible 92% RTP. The same goes for their other featured new slots, Secret StarsJuiced Fruits, and Wild Volcano, all within 0.05% of that low 92% RTP mark.

Their first deposit bonus is strange since it caps at £50 for the First Deposit 300% Matching offer. Why so low? Who knows. The 40x rollover requirement on such awful RTP machines makes it a moot point.

Like all Bonus Boss sister sites, Dr. Slot needs better support, needs a better average RTP, and will likely waste your time. Pass on this one.

Bonus Boss – Jammy Monkey Sister Sites

Bonus Boss Homepage

Bonus Boss is a new InTouch casino founded in 2023. It only offers slots and casino games, no bingo or slingo. Bonus Boss’ real money slots are all developed by InTouch games and therefore have the same low RTP percentage as many others. As of August 2023, the slots are being pushed on the homepage:

  • Steps to Heaven with an RTP (Return to Player) of 92.03%
  • Masks of Medusa with an RTP of 92.04%
  • Animal Kingdom with an RTP of 92.04%
  • Aztec Flame with an RTP of 92.01%

So we’re back to pushing the garbage againMasks of Medusa is the site’s Game of the Month. So free spins on their monthly bonuses are at 92.04% RTP.

Bonus Boss Reputation

Funnily enough, there are other sources of most complaints about this casino! The 1-star reviews on Trustpilot are mostly about slow or no payouts. Here are some examples of those reviews (which have been quoted with the posters’ exact spelling and grammar):

I won £70 on Friday, and my money still hasn’t arrived. I’ve sent in all my documents emailed around seven times when just getting the same email to send in all my details which I have done around three times. I keep going on live chat, and no agent is coming through.’

Deposited £200 won £400 asked for id sent the required verification forms required, five weeks later no money, they won’t answer the phone.’

Like everyone else, I am having trouble getting the money back that I deposited into the account, and they are now ignoring my messages on live chat and text messages.


The bonuses range from their 200% Match on a New Deposit – Max £100 to a 100 Free Spins – No Deposit bonus. Most players will lose their entire bonus and deposit well before clearing it.

Bonus Boss has a lower-than-average RTP and poor customer service. We do not know why you would want to play here, but we don’t recommend it.

mFortune – Jammy Monkey Sister Sites

MFortune Casino Homepage

mFortune has a mix of slots, bingo, and table games on offer.

But the four new ‘feature’ slots are all a few hundredths of a percent away from 92% RTP. This includes Slot FactoryChicago BossOne Step Beyond, and Queen of the East.

mFortune’s roulette and blackjack variants could be more impressive. You can get over 97% RTP with the vanilla versions of these games, but only delve into the weird stuff with full knowledge of what you’re getting into. Side bets often have terrible RTPs, and specialist games are usually traps. Remember what we also said earlier: Blackjack and roulette only count 10% towards bonus rollover.

There are eleven gemstone bingo rooms, each with its jackpot. Progressives are awarded when all 15 numbers are called in 35 numbers or less.

The bingo-oriented bonus is a Deposit of £10, Get Up to £20 in bonus money. But there is a 40x rollover requirement. Other promotions include a £10 No Deposit bonus and a 100 Free Spins Casino Welcome bonus, each with a 40x wagering requirement.

mFortune was around for around 15 years before Skywind took over. Reviews since then have not been good, and the RTPs could have been better. We don’t suggest that you gamble here.

An Honest Jammy Monkey Casino Review

You know you’re in for a long day when the casino you’re about to review has last month’s bonus offer on the front page. That’s what greeted us when we started our Jammy monkey casino review. This seemingly small mistake symbolizes all the issues that Skywind has brought to the once-loyal InTouch player base.

Jammy Monkey Reputation

A lack of attention to detail and a general lack of automation utterly devastated Jammy Monkey’s reputation in 2023. Their Trustpilot score has reached a new low of 1.7 out of 5. And some of these player reports explain why (exact spelling and grammar from reviews):

Tried to withdraw, Waited, Nothing happened. So I contacted them; they told me I needed to send in my ID (Photo ID, Bank statement, and phone bill) Isent in all three, and only my Passport was approved. I contacted them again, and they told me to send more information; this one has been pending for days. My withdrawal is still pending.’

Still waiting for my winnings after three weeks when jammy monkey says it will be in my bank within five working days, and when I enquire about this, all I keep being told is that it’s still pending.

Tried for two days to get in touch, but I still need help, and my live chat messages still need to be addressed. Ibe170 processing

The verification process and the fact after five days, I’m still waiting for my £1000 withdrawal with fears of me never receiving it growing by the hour.

You might think these reviews are from their rocky start in 2021, but they’re all from the past two months. This review is being written in the first week of August 2023. All three above (and many more 1-star reviews) were published in June and July.

These are indications that the site needs much better automation in their AML and withdrawal process, or they’re intentionally holding onto client money for as long as possible, hoping they’ll give up on their withdrawal attempts. Either way, it doesn’t look good.

Jammy Monkey Slots

Putting all of that aside for the moment, let’s describe the rest of the site. Jammy Monkey is a slots-only site that, unlike many of the sites we’ll cover later in this article, has more than one slot vendor. Slot Factory machines are everywhere, in addition to Skywind-owned games.

Their featured slots right now include the following:

Sugar Bonanza Deluxe, a Skywind variable RTP machine with no RTP listed on the site. Is it set to 96.5% RTP? 94.0% RTP? Or the lowest 89.5% RTP? Who knows!

Five machines are within 0.05% of a dreary 92% RTP: Chilli PartyZodiac ZenRed Wolf WinsMeat Feast, and Egyptian Queens.

Why push these terrible machines on the public? Is it to hide some excellent RTP opportunities buried deep within the site? No, it’s to sucker them into playing them instead of the slightly less terrible options like Big Box Bonus (94.02% RTP) and Cash a Fish (94.09% RTP). Or you’ll slip up and accidentally experience the horror of Dream Genie with its staggeringly bad 88.02% RTP

Sure, they have a page that gives short-term RTP reports to reflect hot and cold streaks (meaningless but fun) on various games… but why bother when you can experience a fixed sub-90% RTP whenever you like?

In short: Jammy Monkey casino has some of the worst slots on the UK scene today. With an average RTP in the sub-94% range according to extensive random polling, you should consider what you’re doing with your life if you spend a lot of time here.

Jammy Monkey Bonuses

Let’s have a look at Jammy Monkey’s bonus offers to see what they have to offer. Besides the expired July special, we have £10 Free No Deposit Bonus that needs a 40x rollover to clear. And we have a First Deposit 200% Deposit Match Up to £200, which is virtually impossible to remove before running out of money given the site’s average RTP. In other words, a waste of your time.

We’ll end our honest Jammy Monkey review since the negative Trustpilot ratings, awful RTPs, and support issues tell the rest of this story better than we ever could.

Our verdict: Only use this site if you love losing money quickly. No amount of quirky charm can make up for the terrible RTP on display here. The other Jammy Monkey sister sites can make up for the sins of this one.

Who Owns the Jammy Monkey Sister Sites?

The owner of the record is a company called InTouch Games Limited. They used to work out of Halesowen, England. This company holds registration with the UK Gambling Commission under license number 2091.

But in reality, the ownership structure changed in 2022. Skywind acquired InTouch. They are also registered with the UK Gambling Commission. They did not move the Jammy Monkey sister sites onto their license (#52261), though as we’ll mention later, one of their casinos is transitioning to a different set of sister sites shortly if their plans all pan out.

The Skywind buyout resulted in mass layoffs, a sharp decline in customer support, and public backlash. The Jammy Monkey sister sites have become a cautionary tale to other sister sites in the UK market: Mess around with the public, and find out what happens.

The unfortunate transformations that have taken place on each of these sites are something that we need to document to fully expose the scope of what Skywind has done. We’ll cover the sanctions, the support staff layoffs, and the resulting change in public opinion.

Is Jammy Monkey Safe and Legit in the UK?

The Jammy Monkey sister sites do have a valid license in the UK. Whether or not that makes them ‘legit’ is up to you.

We say this because they’ve been sanctioned twice for AML (anti-money laundering) and self-exclusion (social responsibility) breaches twice within two years. Two fines in 22 months are not the best track record we’ve ever seen, particularly in the UK.

The next question is, are the Jammy Monkey sister sites safe? It depends on what your risk tolerance is. Several Trustpilot reviews complain about massively delayed withdrawals, seized funds, and closed accounts. Others complain about terrible support and unethical activity.

It’s your decision at the end of the day, but our answer to ‘Is Jammy Monkey safe and legit’ is: Probably not. They are arguably ‘legit,’ but there are far too many reported instances of customer money not being as safe as it should be.

How Did Skywind’s Acquisition Change the Jammy Monkey Sister Sites?

After Skywind fired their Halesowen support staff and moved to Birmingham, their public reviews started to dip sharply. This is evidenced by a two-month comparison of the Jammy Monkey sister sites’ Trustpilot ratings.

Though Mr. Spin saw a slight uptick in ratings, four out of the eight Jammy Monkey sister sites experienced a loss in Trustpilot rating. That’s incredibly hard to do, given how low they started. Even a few 2-star reviews would have stabilized their rankings. But that didn’t happen.

So what are the specific reasons for this ratings drop? We’ll explore some of that in our honest Jammy Monkey review; then, we’ll cover the ups and downs of the other Jammy Monkey sister sites.

Jammy Monkey Similar Sites

Rather than playing on the low RTP Jammy Monkey sister sites, how about you check out the Heart Bingo sister sites? These Jammy Monkey similar sites are a highly transparent mix of good bonuses and high RTP machine availability. The two best sites to check out are Heart Bingo and talkSport BET.

These sites are used for very different purposes.

Heart Bingo Casino

Heart Bingo is there for incredible bonus offers on bingo and slingo action.

And for those of you sickened by the requirements on the InTouch sites, most bonus offers on Heart Bingo have hardly any rollover requirements! You need to roll over your deposit once (to avoid money laundering laws), and then you can take advantage of those bonuses. But remember: Paypal deposits don’t qualify, only debit cards.

If you opt-in and wager £10 in your first week, you can get up to £30 on Bingo + 100 Spins on Make Me a Millionaire. Remember to play the 10p rooms and not the 1p rooms to get maximum value.

talkSport BET

On the other hand, talkSport BET is the best Jammy Monkey alternative site for non-bingo play. It even has some reasonable bonus offers.

Their sportsbook, which none of the Jammy Monkey sister sites have, offers great bonuses. The £35 in Bonuses and 50 Free Spins offer requires you to make a £25 deposit and wager it on selected events. Your reward is seven days of smaller bets and 50 free spins on Big Bass Bonanza. The rollover requirement is 20x the bonus amount with a max win of £250 on the casino side and £25,000 on the sportsbook side.

Both of these sites have excellent customer service and good Trustpilot reviews. Remember to avoid making Paypal deposits if you want to use your balance in any bonus offers.


There’s hardly a comparison to be made. On the one hand, you have many overly greedy sites with poor RTP, poor customer service, and questionable cashout policies.

That’s why we suggest you consider the Heart Bingo sister sites rather than trying to fight with the Jammy Monkey sister sites. Life is far too short to deal with bad odds and terrible service.

The Jammy Monkey sister sites need to make some pretty drastic changes to be considered ‘fixed’ by the public… or by us. They need to make better decisions.

These 92% RTP slots clogging up the site shouldn’t be on the front page, and all sub-91% RTP slot machines need to find a deep, dark hole somewhere. Any variable RTP machines need to have their settings announced in the help files, and the RTP tanking needs to stop.

We can only recommend the Jammy Monkey sister sites to everyone if all of that happens. And seeing that at least one of them is about to close their doors for good, our advice may be too late for Skywind.

But who knows, they’ll start respecting their customers more and creating sane policies to foster a more fair gaming environment. The team at Sister Casinos will continue to monitor these sites to see if they make any improvements.

In the meantime, we plan to investigate the new license that the site formerly known as Cashmo is moving under. Until then, be careful out there!

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