mFortune Sister Sites – An Honest mFortune Casino Review

mFortune Sister Sites – An Honest mFortune Casino Review

18+. T&Cs Apply. New players only. Up to £100 Bonus for the 1st dep of min £10. Up to 100 Free Spins (FS) for a 2nd dep of £10+. FS value: 10p. Wheel of Fortune (WOF) will appear as a pop-up. Available to claim for 7 days. There is a 40x bonus wagering requirement.
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Last Updated on April 26, 2024

The mFortune Sister Sites

These are the mFortune Sister Sites that we’ll be covering in this review: Mr. Spin, PocketWin, Casino 2020, Dr. Slot, Jammy Monkey, Bonus Boss.

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18+. T&Cs Apply. New players only. Welcome Bonus - 100% up to £1‎00. There is a 35x bonus wagering requirement. This bonus only applies for deposits of €/$/£20 or higher! All you need to do is just deposit the money in your All British Casino account and you will receive this bonus instantly! Skrill/Neteller deposits are excluded from the offer.
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18+. T&Cs Apply. New players only. Welcome Bonus - 100% up to £‎100. There is a 40x bonus wagering requirement. This bonus only applies for deposits of €/$/£10 or higher! All you need to do is just deposit the money in your Pub Casino account and you will receive this bonus instantly! Skrill/Neteller deposits are excluded from the offer.
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🚀 6 Sister Sites

18+. T&Cs Apply. New players only. Welcome Bonus - 100% up to £‎100. There is a 40x bonus wagering requirement. This bonus only applies for deposits of €/$/£10 or higher! All you need to do is just deposit the money in your Casino Casino account and you will receive this bonus instantly! Skrill/Neteller deposits are excluded from the offer.
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🚀 6 Sister Sites

18+. T&Cs Apply. New players only. Welcome Bonus - 100% up to £‎99 + 99 Free Spins. There is a 40x bonus wagering requirement. This bonus only applies for deposits of €/$/£20 or higher! All you need to do is just deposit the money in your Yako Casino account and you will receive this bonus instantly! Skrill/Neteller deposits are excluded from the offer.

Reviews of mFortune Casino Sister Sites

A lot has been said about the recent support, ownership, and management changes at the mFortune sister sites, and none of it has been good. Any honest mFortune Casino review will include details about the Skywind buyout and the subsequent backlash in public opinion from the layoffs and the perceived drop in support quality. But we will remain as factual as possible throughout this article and focus primarily on mFortune.

We’ll briefly review each of these sites below, mainly covering their differences. Then we’ll check a couple of mFortune similar sites so you can compare and contrast them.

We will also offer you a few mFortune similar sites that you can check out. You might be more comfortable using them. Regardless, let’s jump into this review of the mFortune sister sites. And you can decide whether they’re appropriate for you.

Mr. Spin – mFortune Sister Sites

Mr Spin - Dr Slot Sister Sites

Mr. Spin is a relatively generic rebranding of mFortune. The slot machines have the same terrible returns, like Mega Gorilla with a 92.01% RTP or Dog Detectives with a howl-worthy 90.11% RTP. Theirs Refer A Friend Bonus is £3 less for some reason. And it’s still a 40x rollover which is made all the more difficult because, you guessed it, the average RTP of the site is terrible.

But at least Mr. Spin has a different roulette game on offer. They have a modified European table (only one green 0) called Roulette Gold, with a bonus slot machine minigame available if the ball lands on the wheel’s ‘G’ icon.

They only have four bingo rooms, and the progressive jackpots in mid-June 2023 range from £300 to £1,200. This is a less popular bingo destination than mFortune, or the banks are won more often. They have a Bingo Mega Jackpot that starts at £10,000 minimum, but you need a Full House in 31 calls or less.

Again, the site design makes specific slot games hard to search for, but that doesn’t matter since it’s all InTouch games.

This is just more of the same. However, it should be noted that Mr. Spin has the worst TrustPilot rating of all the mFortune sister sites. Complaints about stonewalled withdrawals and ID verifications are common. We suggest only Mr. Spin if you know something we don’t know.

PocketWin – mFortune Sister Sites

Pocketwin - Dr Slot Sister Sites

PocketWin is a highly mobile-optimized mFortune sister site with many of the same features as the others.

However, they have weeded out some of their worst RTP games. In our random click test, all slots were right around 94% RTP, such as Lucky Forest Casino with an RTP of 93.98% or Sherlock: Dying to Kill You with a 93.92% RTP. They still need to be better, but at least they’re better than some of the featured machines on other mFortune sister sites.

They have five bingo rooms, each with its progressive jackpot that can be claimed with a whole house before the 35th call. But at the time of writing (June 2023), we do not see an overarching mega jackpot shared between all rooms. You can, however, earn bingo loyalty points that can be spent for free tickets via their PocketWin Bingo Reward Store. You get two loyalty points for every £1 spent on bingo entry tickets.

These small changes make PocketWin more tolerable than most mFortune sister sites. It’s still tough to clear a bonus with lower RTPs and a 40x rollover requirement. But at least there’s a snowball chance you’ll get lucky.

Casino 2020 – mFortune Sister Sites

Casino2020 - Dr Slot Sister Sites

We have much historical information about Casino 2020 from our prior research. We will only rehash some of that here, but if you want a complete review of this site, Check out our Casino 2020 Sister Sites article. It goes in-depth.

One of the points that we make in that piece is how high variance the bonus structure is when every element is random, and the only stated parameters are that they’ll give you ‘UP TO’ a certain percentage of your deposit or amount of spins. Sadly, that annoying fact is still actual today.


They offer a no-deposit bonus that’s UP TO £20 and UP TO 20 Free Spins. The funded account welcome bonus is UP TO £300 and UP TO 400 Free Spins. And yes, it’s still a 40x rollover situation.

Their slot lineup is similar to Mr. Spin in that the awful RTPs need to be put front and center on the home page. Right now, the Mega Jackpot is sitting at £76,000.

However, our research discovered either an RTP reporting error or a systematic lowering of RTP on specific slots. For example, here are some archived records of the higher RTP that Casino 2020 was offering in the past:

  • Operation Wilds – 94.62% RTP (0.52% higher RTP in 2022) 
  • Spin A Clue – 94.51% RTP (0.39% higher RTP in 2022)

Our inquiries on this matter still need to be answered as of mid-June 2023.

It should be noted that they last updated their news section around six months ago. Not to be too technical, but in the industry, we call this ‘not giving a crap.’ Putting a site on autopilot like this is never a good sign.

So our current wary assessment of mFortune sister sites is consistent with the state of Casino 2020. We’ll have to see if Dr. Slot can change our minds.

Dr. Slot – mFortune Sister Sites

Dr Slot Homepage
Dr Slot Homepage

In our original Dr. Slot sister sites review, we summarized our opinion of the site by listing some pros and cons.

The pros are all still valid. Dr. Slot is undeniably a smart, graphically clean real money online casino. It still has a low minimum deposit, a decent friend referral program, and progressive jackpots on several games.

The cons, however, have multiplied since our last review. In addition to the money laundering sanction handed down to InTouch and slow withdrawal times, we’ve seen an overall drop in RTP that can’t be ignored.

For example, their game of the month for June of 2023 is Secret Stars. This has an abysmal 92% RTP and isn’t worth your time. Their feature bonus machine, Game of Crowns, lacks a 94.17% RTP. And the somewhat ironically named Hook, Line, and Poker offers a 92.05% RTP, yet it’s featured prominently on Dr. Slot’s front page.

The site is a slot-only version of mFortune. Do Sister sites have nothing to fear from this casino since it has no bingo, no table games, or are there?!

If you dig down to the bottom of their home page, you’ll see an ad for a separate app that advertises their Dr. Slot Mobile Roulette. Should you try it out? Probably not. We certainly didn’t.

The issue is by separating the roulette game from the rest of the site, they warp everything from the RTP expectations to how the RNG is examined to how the game is regulated.

This app is not only outside the scope of this review, but it likely carries a different regulatory burden than Dr. Slot’s main website. We cannot dig into the source code, so we wash our hands with the Dr. Slot Mobile Roulette app.

Dr. Slot Bonuses

Dr. Slot maintains that crippling reliance on 40x rollover clearances of their bonus offers. That we’ve seen on other mFortune sister sites. Their First Deposit 300% Matching offer has a cap of £50 in bonus money. It’s hardly worth talking about, other than the fact that they combine the ‘value’ of your first five reloads to advertise it as a £1,000 bonus. This is both sad and funny, given how unimpressive the first-time deposit offer is and the improbable scenario that you’ll clear it profitably.

We’re giving Dr. Slot a hard pass after failing to weed out the low RTP stinkers and featuring some of them as their games of the month.

Jammy Monkey – mFortune Sister Sites

Jammy Monkey - Dr Slot Sister sites

Jammy Monkey Casino is one of the fastest-growing mFortune sister sites. Given what we know about the InTouch-designed games, it focuses on fun rather than competitive or sustainable play, which is fair enough.

They’ve chosen a simple, intuitive interface that works on all platforms. The theme is straightforward, with the frequently appearing Monkey and banana images. It’s a branding success, indeed.

So what’s the issue? Jammy Monkey’s bonus structure is similar to the other mFortune sister sites. That means high variance regarding what you’ll receive and a 40x wagering requirement across the board.

It’s essentially a Dr. Slot clone. They encourage players to try slots of a similar theme by grouping them. For example, there’s an Irish myth-themed series of slots that includes Kelly’s Magic 7’sLucky Irish FortuneMega Pots O GoldLegend’s LuckShamrock Holmes. An Egyptian myth and history cycle of slots includes the Treasure TombCleopatra’s Prizes, and Egyptian Queens. This is known as ‘slot tourism’ in the industry.

They have features such as play money or ‘free play’ mode to let you try the various slots. A live chat feature will let you talk to a support representative. Given that this is the second highest-rated mFortune sister site, that’s a feature that has led to a better reputation.

Jammy Monkey might be the most entertaining of the mFortune sister sites, but it still has all the core flaws. Let’s see if the last site can turn things around.

Bonus Boss – mFortune Sister Sites

Bonus Boss - Dr Slot Sister Sites

Given the name, Bonus Boss would be biased towards the casino floor side of the coin, with many table games and a ‘pit boss’ theme all over the site.

Sadly, this isn’t the case. This is yet another slot-only mFortune sister site. It is a Jammy Monkey clone with slightly different bonuses. No real table games, no bingo.

Bonus Boss still has a 40x betting requirement to fulfill your rollover obligation. So when you see that First Deposit Match UP TO 200%, you might think you found your dream site. But then you realize you need to clear it on these awful RTP machines, and your hopes and dreams vanish like a morning mist dissipating in the pounding desert sun.

Poetry aside, free spins are attached to many of their offers. This gives you a shot at their signature slot, The Spinfather. Ah, that’s the kind of ‘boss’ the site was going for! Sadly, you won’t feel like a boss when you try to clear any bonus you win. 40x is a lot of rollovers on these stingy machines.

If you sign up for Bonus Boss’ SMS notifications, you may get a Game Of The Month Bonus. The benefit of this could be anything from free spins to an enhanced deposit offer if you pay enough for that game.

With a TrustPilot score of 1.9 out of 5, this is the best-reviewed mFortune sister site by the public. The most common complaint in recent weeks is payout issues (slow or not at all), and the second most common complaint is their handling of private information. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the best mFortune sister site.

So let’s quickly look at mFortune similar sites to see what’s beyond the InTouch microcosm.

Who Owns the mFortune Sister Sites?

The official owner of mFortune, as listed on the casino’s paperwork, is InTouch Games Limited. Based in the UK (Halesowen, England, to be exact), they are registered with the UK Gambling Commission, coming up as business #2091.

However, in mid-2022, InTouch was the subject of a significant acquisition. Skywind, a casino service and software company registered with the UK Gambling Commission, business number 52261, acquired them.

Since everyone is registered correctly and the licenses are above board. That should mean that everything is on the up and up. Legally speaking, sure (or that’s how it seems from an outside perspective). But Skywing hasn’t exactly been the UK’s favorite company. 

How Did Skywind’s Acquisition Impact the mFortune Sister Sites?

When Skywind let go of their Halesowen support staff and opted to move to Birmingham, they upset some locals. Halesowen News reported that Skywind made a statement when asked about the mass firing:

“Following the acquisition of In Touch Games earlier this year by Skywind, we have completed a review of the business, which has resulted in several changes being made to improve current working practices, which includes changes in the Customer Service Team.

The company is very much focused on future growth and is committed to developing a first-class team and business that delivers the highest levels of quality and performance.”

Whether the decline in the mFortune sister sites’ TrustPilot ratings resulted from less effective support during this move or public backlash is up for debate. Regardless, these are the mFortune public ratings as of June 2023 in ascending order:

  • Mr. Spin
  • mFortune
  • PocketWin
  • Casino 2020
  • Dr. Slot
  • Jammy Monkey
  • Bonus Boss

InTouch was the 2021 EGR Mobile Operator of the Year and winner of the 2020 and 2021 WhichBingo Awards for Best Customer Service. Now, they’re a pariah.

With that in mind, we’ll move on to our honest mFortune review. We will list the mFortune sister sites as if this were any other article, and then you’ll have the choice: Stick with mFortune, or check out our mFortune similar sites that are also licensed and based in the UK.

Let’s see how this unfolds.

An Honest mFortune Casino Review

MFortune Casino Homepage
MFortune Casino Homepage

mFortune is one of InTouch’s oldest casinos. It has a well-balanced array of real money online casino offerings, including slots, blackjack, roulette, and bingo.

It does not have any live casino options, nor does it have any sportsbook functionality. Surprisingly, they also don’t offer a slingo category, and a strict search of their UK domain shows no hits on the word ‘slingo.’ This is a missed opportunity.

Regardless, we can examine their real money slot machines with a fresh eye because all of them were developed in-house. That’s right- InTouch games made the slots, so it’s an experience you might only find in the mFortune sister sites.

Then again, maybe there’s a good reason for that. Quickly clicking around the various machines displayed on their homepage (as of June 2023) and searching for the words’ return to the player comes up with some disturbing results:

  • Cat and Mouse has a return to player of 92.67%
  • Wild Gold has a return to player of 91.97%
  • Treasure Trove has a return to player of 92.05%
  • Buster Safe has a return to player of 90.94%
  • Cash Cubed has a return to player of 94.51%
  • Chicago Boss has a return to player of 92.05%

It should be noted that the last entry, Chicago Boss, is their Game of the Month.

mFortune Casino RTP

This is one of the most despicable arrays of random RTPs we’ve seen on a UK-regulated site. Only a few people break into the industry average of 95%. Their featured game this month barely crests a 92% RTP. These are unabashedly greedy percentages for a company to set, particularly when they’re paying no royalties on these in-house games!

This is probably why their Mega Jackpot is at £510,000 and climbing. They can afford to dump a few extra quid into the pot when they have games like Buster Safe that take a staggering 9% of your funds with every rollover! What were they even thinking?!

This is an argument for the UK regulators to impose minimum RTP standards for online slots and other RNG-based games. Currently, the UK has no RTP standards. This may lead unscrupulous vendors to ‘race to the bottom’ and offer RTPs that would only prey on addicts… knowing full well that there are plenty of addicts out there.

You should avoid these slot machines if the real money is at stake. If we can’t recommend the slots at mFortune, let’s move on to the table games to see if there’s any redemption available.

mFortune Casino Games

mFortune’s casino games include many roulette and blackjack variants. Unlike many other sites that set up blackjack as a high roller game, the minimum bet on many variants is only 10p. No card counting is available since the virtual deck randomizes frequently and uses eight or more decks in the shoe.

mFortune uses European Roulette as their template, meaning there’s only one ‘green’ zero for the ball to land in. This player edge gives you an extra 2.56% odds over the American double green wheel. Remember, anyone betting on red or black, odds or evens, or one of the quadrants loses automatically on a 0 or 00. Halving those odds is a good thing.

Many mFortune sister sites have a selection of bingo games, and mFortune itself is no exception. Every bingo room has an associated gem reflecting the type of game and the minimum ticket price. Tickets start at 10p and go up from there. Progressive jackpots within the various rooms, as of June 2023, range from £7k to £134k. To win one of the bingo advanced prize funds, you must hit all 15 numbers on a single ticket within the first 35 called numbers. Bingo is never a great RTP bet, of course. But at least you can play well, even for lower stakes.

As far as promotional offers, mFortune has quite a few. First up is the mFortune Casino No Deposit Bonus, offering up to a £10 account credit without depositing any funds.

Note that we said ‘up to.’ This is going to be a common theme with the mFortune sister sites. The ‘lobby game’ determines your actual bonus. It’s random.

mFortune Bonuses

All bonus offers at mFortune are subject to a ‘40x Bonus Credit Wagering Requirement. This one is no exception. That means you’ll need to roll over £400 bets to keep anything in your balance. It isn’t very likely, given the RTP of their machines.

Other bonus offers include UP TO a 200% Deposit Match Bonus And UP TO 100 Free Spins, again determined randomly with a 40x rollover requirement on all matched funds or winnings off the spins. They have a Refer A Friend Bonus with rewards of UP TO £10 on registration, plus UP TP 50% of their first deposit. All randomized, 40x rollover on all bonus money awarded.

Because of the RTPs involved on most of the mFortune sister sites, the likelihood of clearing a 40x rollover bonus is slim. But it can give you more funds to play around with in the short term, so as long as you understand that you’re unlikely to see long-term gains out of them, go for it.

Payments at mFortune Casino

Deposit methods at mFortune include debit cards, PaySafeCard, and PayPal directly debited from your phone bill. Withdrawal methods are Bank Transfer, Debit Cards, and PayPal, but the player must have made a successful deposit to confirm their identity for anti-money-laundering laws. In other words, if you amass a small fortune from your no-deposit bonus and clear the rollovers, you must make a regular deposit to confirm your identity before withdrawing the cleared funds.

Sadly, mFortune has many potentials squandered away by poor RTP games, a bad TrustPilot score, and randomized, lackluster bonuses. If you use it to play bingo, that’s fine (unless they start to tank the RTP of that too). But for anything else, consider a mFortune similar site, which we’ll discuss later in this article.

Now, look at the mFortune sister sites to see if they improve on this relatively low standard.

mFortune Similar Sites

One of the best recommendations we can make for mFortune similar sites is the Heart Bingo sister sites.

These are the polar opposite of what InTouch offers: Generous bonuses on high RTP machines with responsive support. It says something that the highest-rated mFortune sister site is 1.9 out of 5 on TrustPilot, which is equal to the worst Heart Bingo sister site:

It would be best to avoid Parimatch without a good reason, but the rest of these casinos are worth checking out.

Heart Bingo is the best for bonus offers, bingo, and slingo. BetVictor is the best for sportsbook action. And talkSport BET is the best for non-bingo play with a grand general bonus scheme.

RTP on mFortune Similar Sites

Remember that better RTP machines can clear bonuses much more quickly! If you’re forced to clear your premium on an InTouch 94% RTP slot, you lose 6% on average to every rollover. If you’re using one of the 96.5% RTP machines at talkSport, such as Mega Moolah, you only lose 3.5% on average to every rollover. Combine that with one of the bonus offers that only requires a 20x rollover, like their hybrid £35 in Bonuses and 50 Free Spins, and you’ll have a much better time.

It should be noted that some bonus offers on Heart Bingo don’t even have a rollover requirement! You play with your deposit, and after you’ve wagered enough, you automatically get free stuff. For example, if you opt-in and wager £10 within your first week on the site, you can get £30 on Bingo + 100 Spins on Make Me a Millionaire. This is the kind of generosity that builds loyalty at a gaming franchise.

Combining better bonus offers at the Heart Bingo sister sites with a much wider variety of games and superior customer service begs the question. Are those quirky InTouch games worth the hassle? Or is a vast array of games made by other professionals, the availability of live casino games, and higher RTPs simply a much better package?


You should check out our full write-up on the Heart Bingo sister sites rather than commit your time and money to the mFortune sister sites.

It pains us to say that an entire set of sister sites has no redeeming value, but this is one of those rare cases where we must. The bad RTP, the poor public reviews, the heartless corporate actions taken by new ownership, and the inadequate support renders InTouch games a persona-non-grata in our books.

So you should avoid mFortune sister sites for now, but we’ll continue to monitor InTouch’s progress to see if they can turn things around.

Until then, the team here at Sister Casinos suggests starting with BetVictor or sports talk BET for an extraordinary general experience or Heart Bingo for some of the most accessible bonuses in the UK-licensed real money online casinos.

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