Monopoly Casino Sister Sites – An Honest Monopoly Casino Review

Monopoly Casino Sister Sites – An Honest Monopoly Casino Review

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Last Updated on September 28, 2023

The Monopoly Casino Sister Sites

Here are the Monopoly Casino sister sites: Megaways Casino, Jackpotjoy Casino, Double Bubble Bingo, Rainbow Riches Casino, Virgin Games.

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🚀 4 Sister Sites

We at Sister Casinos have detected systematic RTP lowering at all Monopoly Casino sister sites. The most recent RTP drops were made between April and May 2023, while the second set happened between January 2022 and June 2022. We do not take this situation lightly.

For detailed information on how we detected the RTP tanking on each site, please refer to the Double Bubble Bingo sister site article from earlier this year.

Instead of rehashing that evidence in this article, we’ll refer you to the new evidence that we uncovered during our honest Monopoly Casino review above and leave it at that.

Rather than go through each of the Monopoly Casino sister sites in detail, we’ll issue a blanket non-endorsement of these sites until they make a public statement about their RTP tanking practices, particularly in the current economic climate.

We’ll briefly explain the theme of each of these casinos for completeness’ sake. The Trustpilot ratings are all checked as of the last week of June 2023.

Then we’ll present you with a few Monopoly Casino alternative sites. This will allow you to seek the same kinds of games that you may have experienced there but in a more positive environment.

Reviews of Monopoly Casino Sister Sites

As of late June 2023, Monopoly Casino sister sites are on shaky ground with the Sister Casinos staff. We’ll get into the specific reasons why momentarily, but first, we wanted you to know that we will recommend Monopoly Casino alternative sites in the later half of this article so that our more distinguishing punters will have much safer sites (in our opinion) to gamble.

To explain why we have to take such measures, we need to cover a little bit of the ownership status and the history of Monopoly Casino and show you a comparison between the site historically and the way it stands today.

Rest assured, this information is vitally important if you are planning to gamble on any of the Monopoly Casino sister sites. After you read it, if you bet on any of these sites, you’ll have both eyes open.

So, without further ado, let’s start with reviews for each of Monopoly casino sister sites, followed by an honest Monopoly Casino review.

Megaways Casino – The Monopoly Casino Sister Sites

Megaways Casino Homepage

Megaways Casino focuses its advertising on slots with hundreds or thousands of paylines. Their core selection is identical to the rest of the Monopoly Casino sister sites. These tend to be higher risk and reward slots, though the lower volatility options are available.

Their new signup bonus only offers 30 free spins after £10 worth of wagers, with no bingo ticket option. The free spins are on one of their megaway machines: Secrets of the Phoenix Megaways.

Payment options include Visa debit, Mastercard debit, and Apple Pay. Maximum debit withdrawal is £25,000.

Their Trustpilot rating is a sad 1.6 out of 5. It reflects customer dissatisfaction with the reduced RTP and customer service squabbling over resolutions for bugs that ultimately represent tiny amounts of money – a truly bizarre situation.

Jackpotjoy – The Monopoly Casino Sister Sites

jackpotjoy homepage
jackpotjoy homepage

One of Gamesys’ oldest online casinos, Jackpotjoy, has been with us for over 20 years. Focused mainly on bingo, slingo, and slots, the site added poker so players could dive fully into the tournament environment they were trying to create.

The signup bonus is a choice between 30 free slot spins on their selected machine (currently Double Bubble) or 50 free bingo tickets (£1 per ticket max value) after depositing and gambling at least £10. Additional perks include free daily spins to loyal customers and free weekly tournaments for slots and poker.

You can deposit via Maestro, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, and Apple Pay. The maximum debit withdrawal is £25,000.

Their Trustpilot rating is only 1.5 out of 5. It includes many complaints over closed accounts after withdrawal attempts and reduced RTP in recent years.

Double Bubble Bingo – The Monopoly Casino Sister Sites

Double Bubble Bingo Homepage

Double Bubble Bingo’s focus is no mystery – they’re an online bingo house offering slots, slingo, and poker options. It has a simple, almost retro look to it. Otherwise, it’s a Jackpotjoy clone.

The bonus structure is identical to Jackpotjoy, right down to the free spin slot being Double Bubble. For additional perks, they have a monthly free spin that you can use to take a shot at more significant prizes.

Deposit methods include Maestro UK, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, and Apple Pay. However, the maximum debit card transfer is £10,000, meaning that jackpot winners will withdraw a small percentage of their balance at a time.

With a 1.6 out of 5 Trustpilot rating, there’s no surprise that complaints are being made about reduced payouts (likely due to the RTP tanking) and closing accounts rather than dealing with customer complaints.

Rainbow Riches Casino – The Monopoly Casino Sister Sites

rainbow riches - one of the best jackpotjoy sister sites

Rainbow Riches Casino shares the theme of the classic physical machines of the same name. The Rainbow Riches machine is used for most of the bonus spins on the site, and the daily free spin slot is Rainbow Riches Daily Rainbows.

Still, bonuses are the same as JackpotJoy. The monthly bonus slot is different, Leprechaun’s Harvest. Additional perks include free periodic Slot Masters tournaments. They also have occasional cashback, and rakeback offers on their featured games.

 Deposit options are Visa debit, Mastercard debit, and Apple Pay. The maximum debit withdrawal is £25,000.

Their 2.1 out of 5 Trustpilot rating reflects better customer service and policies than the other Monopoly Casino sister sites, but the same dramatic drop in RTP recently.

Virgin Games – The Monopoly Casino Sister Sites

Virgin Games Casino Homepage

Virgin Games used to have its look and feel very much separate from the rest of the Monopoly Casino sister sites. But it’s another Jackpotjoy clone since being brought into the fold.

Similarly, the bonus structure is identical to Jackpotjoy. It even uses Double Bubble as the signup bonus spin slot of choice. Some graphics are stylistically different from the other Monopoly Casino sister sites, but it’s another clone at its core.

Maestro UK, Visa Electron, Maestro, and Apple Pay are deposit options. The standard debit withdrawal limit is £25,000. However, there is a bank withdrawal option with a limit of £250,000.

Their Trustpilot score of 1.5 out of 5 is tied for the worst of these sister sites with Jackpotjoy. Common complaints are about the reduced RTP after Bally’s corporate takeover.

Who Owns the Monopoly Casino Sister Sites?

Once upon a time, UK-licensed (number 38905) Gamesys Operations Limited owned and operated the Monopoly Casino sister sites. The same company has a license in Gibraltar as permit 046, so they could represent a more global presence.

In 2019, Gamesys was taken over by the JPJ Group, the owners of the Jackpotjoy brand… a brand that Gamesys used to own – following so far?

Then Bally’s Corporation bought Gamesys in October 2021. They’re just the owners, however. All of the Monopoly Casino sister sites operate under the licenses obtained by the Gamesys brand.

Shortly after, these casinos’ quality (and independent ratings) began to drop. It might be a coincidence, given how volatile the gambling market was during the pandemic. Or the integration of these properties into the Bally family might have been rockier than expected.

The issues we will address started around a year after the takeover and have continued to the present day.

If you wish to see the actual evidence of the decline of these casinos, please read our Double Bubble Bingo Sister Sites review. That review contains detailed historical records of the game descriptions at every Monopoly Casino sister site. This will illustrate the 2022 to 2023 Return To Player (RTP) difference on several of their significant machines.

We’ll cover the gist of what we found in the next section, our honest Monopoly Casino review.

An Honest Monopoly Casino Review

Whenever we see a significant intellectual property such as Monopoly used in a casino setting, we hope it lives up to the nostalgia and fun that the original game brought (pun intended).

Sadly, as you’re about to see, there’s only one theme that Monopoly brings across from the original board game: Greed.

Monopoly Casino Games

But before we get into that, let’s look at some of the basics of the site. Monopoly Casino offers slots, slingo, bingo, live casino games, and poker. They also have a selection of free daily and monthly games for players with established accounts.

They offer a player referral program, but it’s only £20. And that’s after the referred player has made a £10 or greater deposit and wagered at least £40 using their qualifying games. It’s not exactly a great deal.


Payment options include both Visa and Mastercard debit and Apple Pay. There aren’t any no-deposit options. The average bonus requirements tell you to opt in and then wager £10 before you can take advantage of any free spins or bingo cards.

When we checked Monopoly Casino’s Trustpilot rating in the late half of June 2023, it was only 1.9 out of 5. And we believe we know the primary reason why.

Return to Players

Our findings indicate that Monopoly Casino is engaging in a practice known as intentional RTP tanking as of late June 2023. What does this mean? It means they’ve decided to lower the money players typically win on their games.

How does this work? Well, certain real-money online casino games have a variable RTP. This means that the game manufacturer has several settings that dictate how generous the machine is supposed to be. One of the most well-known firms that produce such games is Play’n Go.

Here are some of the examples that we uncovered, showing that Monopoly Casino is engaging in RTP tanking:

We’ll start with Monopoly Casino’s version of Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead from Play’n Go. The RTP from January 2023 was in the 96% range. The RTP is now in the 94% range.

The Monopoly Casino version of Play’n Go’s Fire Joker had a January 2023 RTP in the 96% range. Sadly, the RTP is now well within the 94% range.

Now we’ll examine the Monopoly Casino version of Play’n Go’s Legacy Of Dead: Here is the RTP from late January 2023, right in the 96% range. The RTP now, however, is down in the 94% range.

The final Play’n Go game at Monopoly Casino that we’ll compare is Hugo Carts. The RTP from January 2023 is correct at the 96% range. The RTP is now well within the 94% range.

We have noted all of this in our previous article about these casinos. We wanted to do some new research for this article, however. So, we asked the question: Are there other variable RTP slots not from Play’n Go that had their RTP reduced in the past few months?

Red Tiger is another real money online slot provider known for their variable RTP settings. They produce more popular progressive slots used on the Monopoly Casino sister sites.

Our most recent investigation uncovered RTP tanking on Red Tiger machines shortly after Bally’s Corporation takeover.

For example, Monopoly Casino’s stated RTP on Dragon’s Luck in late 2021: 96.14%. And here is the same machine’s RTP in June 2022: 91.24% + 3% jackpot contribution for 94.24% RTP.

Here is Monopoly Casino’s stated RTP on Vault of Anubis in late 2021: 92.66% + 3% jackpot contribution for a total of 95.66% RTP. And here is the same machine’s RTP in June 2022: 90.69% + 3% jackpot contribution for a total of 93.69% RTP.

We can narrow down the date range of the RTP tanking even more, however. Monopoly Casino’s version of Thor’s Vengeance had an RTP of 92.69% + 3% jackpot contribution (95.69% total) in late January 2022. And by late June 2022, the RTP was tanked to 90.70% + 3% jackpot contribution (93.7% total).

This RTP tanking is consistent for all Red Tiger machines we’ve checked. And it likely happened sometime between February 1, 2022, and June 26, 2022.

Finally, the last variable RTP game company we checked was Pragmatic Play. While we didn’t find RTP tanking on all of their machines hosted at Monopoly Casino, we found at least two instances out of the five devices we checked:

Here’s Monopoly Casino’s version of John Hunter and the Tomb of the Scarab Queen back in October 2021 with an RTP of 96.50%. And here’s the August 2022 version with 95.5% RTP.

Finally, this is Monopoly Casino’s version of Wild West Gold in October 2021 with 96.51% RTP. And here it is again in August 2022 with an RTP of 94.52%.

The results of our investigation show intentional RTP tanking by the Monopoly Casino sister sites across most slot games that can have their RTP adjusted in the settings.

This is incredibly depressing, of course. To sully the name of an iconic brand like Monopoly in the name of greed and spread that policy across every Monopoly Casino sister site is terrible.

So sadly, Monopoly Casino cannot be endorsed by Sister Casinos due to intentional RTP tanking.

Why Is RTP Tanking Bad?

Online casinos are built to make money. We use them with full knowledge that the house always has an edge. In the long run, we’ll lose money unless we’re playing games of skill against other players, or we handicap our sports and event betting much better than the house.

To drop the odds of winning on several major slots without announcing it to your community is greedy and irresponsible.

In the middle of a worldwide economic and energy crisis, pulling this crap cannot be condoned. While our cost of living skyrockets, these millionaires and billionaires actively sleaze even more money from their customers, who receive no tangible benefit from these odds decreases.

We cannot allow RTP tanking to become the norm. Stealth nerfs on popular slots and table games will only encourage others in the industry to do the same.

Some Monopoly Casino Alternative Sites

When considering our Monopoly Casino alternative sites, we’re looking for a blend of similar game availability and bonus structures but with higher trust.

Additional desirable features include broader game pools, exciting bonus offers, and a variety of deposit methods. So we’ve examined those aspects to assess the best Monopoly casino alternative sites better.

After examining our current sister site pool, we’ve determined that the BetVictor sister sites are probably some of the closest matches you will find to the Monopoly Casino sister sites. And as you’re about to see, their Trustpilot ratings are far superior to anything Gamesys offers.

We’ve picked the best two options from these sister sites and will briefly review each.

BetVictor – Monopoly Casino Alternative Sites

BetVictor Homepage
BetVictor Homepage

One of the reasons we chose BetVictor is because it is one of the most well-reviewed real money online casinos in the UK. It helps that the company was founded in the 1940s, and it developed its brand of customer service and gambling pedigree before coming to the online world.

Ownership And License

The online version of their casinos is registered to BV Gaming Limited, under UK license 39576. They use a lot of different game manufacturers, and most importantly to this detailed review, that includes Pragmatic Play, Red Tiger, and many other vendors.

Does that mean their returns on variable RTP machines are better than the Monopoly sister sites?

Nope, not particularlyThey remain consistent, however, and that’s the point. We would love them to shift all of their variable RTPs up to the 96% range while making formal announcements to the community and the proper changes to their documentation.

BetVictor is mainly known for its sports betting section. Their bases are between international events (golf, basketball, NFL, etc.) and traditionally UK-oriented sports and events (darts, football, cricket, snooker, etc.).

They offer all the popular forms of wagering: Live bets, prop bets, in-play wagers, and the ability to perform early cash outs.


BetVictor has a complex bonus structure compared to most other UK-based sites. The bonus offers are relatively small, but there’s a wide variety. On the casino side, most promotions require a 40x rollover, on the high end of industry standard. For example, the Casino Welcome – Wager £10 to Get £50 in Slot Bonuses and the Wager £10 to Get £30 + 100 Free Spins offers are both 40x.

It should be noted that you can’t get the bonuses if you deposit via PayPal. Bonuses are for debit card deposits only. So if you deposited with Paypal, you’re stuck with ‘normal’ play.

What about the sportsbook offers? Those aren’t particularly noteworthy, either. Their Horse Racing Welcome Offer – Bet £10 to Get £40 has a 20x rollover, which is not impressive as far as the industry standard is concerned.

In short, you’ll clear those bonuses profitably with a healthy dose of luck. Still, if you follow the rules and the T&Cs, Betvictor generally has no issues paying out. That’s one of the reasons their Trustpilot score is so high; they operate like a real casino when it comes to cashing out.

Payment Methods

On that note, BetVictor’s payment methods include credit and debit cards (available in the UK), Paypal (also known to UK players), bank transfer (on withdrawal), Neteller, Paysafe, Skrill, and Trustly. Some later options are for non-UK customers, particularly EU customers in specific countries.

The reasons why BetVictor is well-reviewed have very little to do with their generosity. Their RTPs are often average; their bonuses are nothing to write home about.

But don’t let that fool you. Their customer service is excellent. They’re known for paying out what is owed. Their communication with their membership is stellar. That’s why they’ve become one of the UK’s most trusted real money online casinos and sportsbooks.

But what if we told you that there’s a Betvictor sister site that might be even better?

talkSport – Monopoly Casino Alternative Sites

talksport BET Homepage
talksport BET Homepage

If there was a more modern version of BetVictor, with an excellent Trustpilot rating (4.2 out of 5 as of late June 2023), with a slew of reasonable bonus offers, would that be of any interest?

Talksport BET Ownership

If so, you should check out talkSport, a Betvictor sister site. Officially called ‘talkSport BET,’ the site was created by BV Gaming in 2022 to provide gambling and sportsbook services to the popular sports news site named after. Many BetVictor players thought it was just a reskin and went to the new site to check it out.

Many of those players didn’t look back.

That’s because talkSport is modern, built from the ground up as a responsive platform that works on desktop and mobile near-flawlessly. And it offered all of the games and options that BetVictor did, but with some perks that the original couldn’t match.


Let’s start by covering the biggest failure of Betvictor and one of the biggest successes of talkSport: Bonuses. They are far easier to clear than the ones at BetVictor. As an example, the

£35 in Bonuses and 50 Free Spins offer requires a modest £25 deposit and wager on qualifying events. Then the value starts pouring in Seven days of credits towards a small £5 and

£10 wagers. You even get 50 free spins on Big Bass Bonanza as part of the package! The rollover on the casino side? 20x the bonus amount. This puts bonus clearance with money to spare in realistic reach, while the sports and racing bets are just pure +EV.

Another example of an excellent bonus is the Get £20 in Free Sports Bets offer. Make a £20 wager, and pick up these additional bets with no rollover requirement if you win. They also have seasonal specials, such as their tennis betting scheme and their horse race rebate that they’re running in June of 2023.

That’s not to say that all of the bonus offers are great. All of the casino-oriented bonuses have a 40x rollover requirement. Try the hybrid provided with the 50 free spins mentioned above if you are interested in sportsbooks.

Speaking of sportsbooks, their racing side has a special offer. This applies to UK and Irish horse racing bets:

‘We will refund all losing bets (in cash) on British and Irish racing on horses who fail to give punters A Run For Their Money and refuse or whip around at the start, fail to come out, or lose all chance at the stalls.’

These little details speak to the level of fairness that talkSport BET is trying to portray.


Their deposit and withdrawal methods are simple: Credit and debit for a deposit, and the same for withdrawal plus bank transfer. This is fewer options than most sportsbooks, but it makes anti-money-laundering checks are far more accessible.

The benefits of talkSport BET are pretty straightforward: Good support, a similar game lineup as BetVictor, a very modern site, and a far better bonus structure. The cons are that there are no bingo rooms, and the deposit and withdrawal methods are more limited if you’re overseas.

But even if rated slightly lower than BetVictor, objectively talkSport is a superior site. That may be blasphemy in some circles, but we’ll risk the fifth circle of gaming Hell to spread the word about this solid real money online casino.

Summing It All Up

Closing the door on the Monopoly Casino sister sites takes a lot of work. There’s a lot of nostalgia there; two of them use beloved brands whose image we’d rather not sully.

But the silent RTP tanking can’t be ignored, and the complaints about their customer service should not be disregarded. Unfortunately, we cannot suggest any of these sites, but it is what it is. If they improve in the future and become more transparent with the significant changes they’re making to their site, we’ll be all ears.

In the meantime, the BetVictor sister sites have much to offer, mainly the two we’ve reviewed here. If bingo holds a special place in your heart, Heart Bingo is a third sister site you should check out. It has some of the industry’s best, most simple bonus offers.

Whether or not you give your patronage to the Monopoly casino sister sites is entirely your call. We’ve done our job by giving you the information they would rather keep hidden. If you end up using them, please double-check the RTP of any game you’re about to play to ensure it has stayed the same since the last time you tried it.

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