Pocketwin Sister Sites – An Honest Pocketwin Review

Pocketwin Sister Sites – An Honest Pocketwin Review

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Last Updated on August 15, 2023

The Pocketwin Sister Sites

The Pocketwin sister sites usually run a more narrow game pool, often concentrating strictly on real money slot machines created by InTouch / Skywind. Here are the Pocketwin sister sites that we’re about to cover: Mr. Spin, Casino 2020, Cashmo, Jammy Monkey, Dr. Slot, Bonus Boss and mFortune.

Sites like Pocketwin Casino

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🚀 3 Sister Sites

A couple of months ago, we did a mFortune sister site review. We talked about how all of the Pocketwin sister sites had been acquired by Skywind, absorbing InTouch and all of their casinos. The aftermath of that buyout was not pretty. There were mass layoffs. There were apparent declines in the quality of support across several sites. The public backlash was brutal.

Sadly, we aren’t done documenting this tragic turn of events that rocked a British township and cost many people a lot of money. We need to delve deeper. So we’ll show you a couple of other sites like Pocketwin. Then we’ll continue with an honest Pocketwin review. By the end, we hope you can make a fully informed decision about where to spend your money on gambling entertainment.

We’ll focus on features that are different when we can find them. Often that means extra features and other policies since they share the same core game pool. Let’s dive in.

Reviews of Pocketwin Sister Sites

Mr. Spin – The Pocketwin Sister Sites

Mr Spin Homepage

Mr. Spin, much like Pocketwin, offers bingo, roulette, and slots. Many older InTouch games are available and likely have been on the site since it opened in 2016.

Once again, there needs to be a better slot search feature on the default page, meaning it’s either unavailable or hidden away as a member-only feature. Either way that makes it difficult for new players to find the slots they want to research.

Some of the worst RTP slots around are on this site. Dog Detectives (90.11% RTP) and Red Devil Reel (89.99% RTP) are horrible. It’s good that the UK has no minimum RTP standards, or these might be illegal.

Let’s talk about the Mr. Spin bonus structure. Firstly, they offer a Deposit Bonus with 50 Free Spins. Then there is a First Deposit Bonus of 100% Matching Up To £100. With a 40x rollover on any winnings or bonus amount, you want higher RTP machines to clear this successfully. Those machines do not exist on Mr. Spin, of course. So hope for some epic luck because that’s your only real hope.

The site has three to four bingo rooms depending on your timing. Their Bingo Mega Jackpot starts at £10,000 and climbs with every room rollover. In early August 2023, the jackpot is £29,000. You need a Full House in 31 calls or less to win the jackpot. They have a bingo Loyalty Shop that offers online vouchers and bonus credits.

Mr. Spin needs a better bonus structure, lousy support, and low RTP. Avoid it if possible.

Casino 2020 – Pocketwin Sister Sites

Casino2020 - Dr Slot Sister Sites

Casino 2020 bills itself as a high-variance site. The truth is that they have the same core selection of games as the other Pocketwin sister sites. They only have around 60 slots and no games in different genres, so it’s not like they have a vast selection of games to pick from.

Casino2020 Bonuses

The site’s ‘variance’ theme encompasses its bonus offers as well. Notice all of the ‘UP TO’ clauses on their bonus T&Cs. It’s UP TO £20 and UP TO 20 Free Spins on Casino 2020’s no-deposit bonus. The first deposit bonus is UP TO £300 and UP TO 400 Free Spins. So not only do you need to get lucky on your multiplier, you need to clear a 40x rollover requirement on these terrible RTP slots. It’s a long shot.

How terrible! The first two featured slots displayed on the homepage are Frozen Stiff, with a 90.06% RTP and Royal Joker Slots, with a 92.07% RTP. These are some of the worst slots on the site, and they’re shoving them down your throat because of ‘variance.’

At least they didn’t try to feed you the Amityville slot (90.04% RTP) right from the homepage. But it’s certainly available!

Casino 2020 RTP

RTP tanking is also part of Casino 2020’s bag of tricks:

Spin A Clue was 94.51% RTP in 2022. Now it’s just 94.13%, 0.39% lower than before.

Operation Wilds was 94.62% RTP in 2022. Now it’s 94.1% RTP, 0.52% lower than before. 

This kind of green can’t be forgiven simply because there are no good options. Where are the 96% and 97% slot machines? Where are the fantastic sitewide giveaways that don’t require a jackpot contribution? Casino 2020 takes and takes, and they give nothing back.

Casino2020 Reputation

If you manage to win, best of luck getting the money out. These are just reviews from June and July of 2023 (exact spelling and grammar included):

‘I’ve been waiting on a withdrawal for over three months. I contact the live support, and no one answers but the mindless bot.’

I kept to it and won more, then wouldn’t pay another withdrawal cause wanted all I’d stuff, and now there stopped me from login in.’

Tried to withdraw twice and got times says failed. Then all of a sudden, my winnings disappeared from my account. They are rude and unhelpful. It’s the same generic response every time.

Without a doubt, Casino 2020 is the worst Pocketwin sister site. This is why their Trustpilot score is so terrible. Their playbooks are bad RTP, pure RTP tanking, and stalling or canceling withdrawals. Run far, far away from Casino 2020.

Cashmo – Pocketwin Sister Sites

Cashmo Casino Homepage

Cashmo was a pure slot site before they announced they were closing their doors:

The Cashmo website will stop accepting deposits soon. You can still log in and withdraw any of your available Cash Credit. Please log in and visit the withdraw page and receive your cashable balance.’

They will become a brand new site under a different UK license. It looks like a brand new set of sister sites entirely.

And yet, they’re still advertising other Pocketwinsister sites. Why? We have yet to learn. What’s the new ownership structure? Is this a conflict of interest?

For the moment, we suggest that you avoid opening a new account at Cashmo. If you have an account, start the withdrawal process ASAP. They aren’t long for this world.

Jammy Monkey – Pocketwin Sister Sites

Jammy Monkey - Dr Slot Sister sites

Jammy Monkey is a slots-only site with Slot Factory machines and Skywind-owned games.

Sadly, that hasn’t helped the site find some decency or fairness. Because the featured slots right now start with Sugar Bonanza Deluxe, a Skywind-owned variable RTP machine. The site lists no RTP percentage on this machine. It could be set to 96.5% RTP, 94.0% RTP, or 89.5% RTP. Only know which if they announce it.

The following five slots they advertise are all plus or minus 0.05% of 92% RTP: Zodiac ZenRed Wolf WinsEgyptian QueensMeat Feast, and Chilli Party.

At least it wasn’t Dream Genie. That’s also on the site and has a chilling 88.02% RTP.

The only thing that saves Jammy Monkey from being crowned the worst Pocketwin sister site is that there’s no RTP tanking… it’s always been that bad.

Jammy Monkey’s bonus offers are the same deal as the other sister sites. It has a £10 Free Deposit Bonus with a 40x rollover. A First Deposit 200% Deposit Match Up to £200, with another 40x rollover requirement. Good luck clearing these on the RTPs available.

Considering the bad Trustpilot ratings, worse RTPs, and reported withdrawal issues, Jammy Monkey is only the second worst Pocketwin sister site. Avoid it.

Dr. Slot – Pocketwin Sister Sites

Dr Slot Homepage

Dr. Slot is a slots-only version of Pocketwin. It looks nice, but that’s the only positive thing to say. There’s no native search mechanic for the slots, and the RTPs are terrible.

The August 2023 game of the month is Doom Lord, with a depressing 92% RTP. Other featured new slots include Secret StarsJuiced Fruits, and Wild Volcano. Those are within 0.05% of InTouch’s magical 92% RTP figure.

Their first deposit bonus caps at £50 for the First Deposit 300% Matching offer. It has that classic 40x rollover requirement, of course. Best of luck clearing it on 94% RTP slots.

There’s nothing more to say about Dr Slot. It’s another lousy clone of an already bad site. The low average RTP and support issues should be more than enough to drive you away.

Bonus Boss – Pocketwin Sister Sites

Bonus Boss Homepage

Because Bonus Boss is one of InTouch’s newest casinos (founded in 2023), let’s see if we can give it a fresh look without the context of the other Pocketwin sister sites. They may have turned over a new leaf.

Bonus Boss offers slots and casino games without the bingo or slingo options of some of her sister sites.

Bonus Boss RTP

The slots are all by InTouch Games. As an example, there are the featured games on the homepage, circa August 2023:

  • Masks of Medusa (their Game of the Month) has an RTP of 92.04%
  • Steps to Heaven has an RTP of 92.03%
  • Aztec Flame has an RTP of 92.01%
  • Animal Kingdom has an RTP of 92.04%

Is this the hell that we’re doomed to walk once again?

Ahem, sorry. As you can see, the advertised slots are very low RTP, not even approaching the site’s ‘median’ machines at 94% RTP. Unfortunate.

Bonus Boss Reputation

However, most of the 1-star reviews on Trustpilot are about something other than the poor RTP. Instead, they are about to slow or have no payouts after requesting a withdrawal.

Here are a few samples of those reviews (quoted with the sites’ exact spelling and grammar):

Like everyone else, I am having trouble getting the money back that I deposited into the account, and they are now ignoring my messages on live chat and text messages.

Deposited £200 won £400 asked for id sent the required verification forms required, five weeks later no money, they won’t answer the phone.’

I won £70 on Friday, and my money still hasn’t arrived. I’ve sent in all my documents emailed around seven times when just getting the same email to send in all my details which I have done around three times. I keep going on live chat, and no agent is coming through.’


Bonus Boss’ bonuses include a 200% Match on a New Deposit – Max £100 and 100 Free Spins – No Deposit bonus. These are subject to a 40x rollover requirement, which means on these low RTP machines, you’re unlikely to clear them.

Bonus Boss is not recommended in our book because of the RTP issues, the inability of many users to make a successful withdrawal, and the lack of game selection.

mFortune – Pocketwin Sister Sites

MFortune Casino Homepage

mFortune Casino has slots, bingo, and table games on the site.

On the slot machine side, all of the new ‘feature’ slots (as of early August 2023) are within a tenth of a percent of the deficient 92% RTP mark: Slot FactoryOne Step BeyondChicago Boss, and Queen of the East.

mFortune has a few roulette and blackjack games available. With perfect play, they’re over 97% RTP, at least on the base versions of the games. Remember that these only count 10% towards your bonus rollover.

The eleven gemstone-themed bingo rooms each have their jackpot. Progressive jackpots are awarded if all 15 numbers are matched on a single card, within 35 called numbers or less.

The bingo bonus is a Deposit of £10; get Up to £20 in bonus money with a 40x rollover requirement. mFortune also has a £10 No Deposit bonus and a 100 Free Spins Casino Welcome bonus. Both have a 40x rollover requirement.

The RTPs are worthless, and mFortune’s 15-year reputation has been flushed down the drain by Skywind. Avoid this site if possible.

An Honest Pocketwin Review

Pocketwin Casino Homepage
Pocketwin Casino Homepage

To understand many issues we found while exploring Pocketwin, we must discuss one of the most critical themes in maintaining a real-money online casino: Automation.

On a site like Pocketwin, everything should take place automatically whenever possible. Maintaining the games, managing accounts, and updating the website must be as hands-off as possible. Otherwise, you will impact hundreds of thousands of players and potential players.

Pocketwin needs to automate its site on two levels. The first is the withdrawal process, which should be automatic once Anti Money Laundering (AML) and identity checks have been passed. And the second is website updates, which should be slated days or weeks in advance and automatically ticked over at the right time.

Instead, Pocketwin has last month’s bonus offer on the front page. We’re four days into August 2023, and they still have their ‘Snowing In July’ ads up. Even if they didn’t have another one ready, the time limit on the promo expired yesterday.

If they want to lose customers by running outdated promotions, that’s none of our business. But that lack of care and attention is our business. How can nobody on their side notice the issue? It’s just a sign of things to come.

Pocketwin Reputation

This disregard for attention to detail and a general lack of automation is one reason their Trustpilot score has been 1.6 out of 5 stars. These 1-star reviews reinforce this theme (spelling and grammar from reviews left intact):

Been waiting on £60 to come out of both mFortune and PocketWin now for two weeks, I have sent off all my ID, and after reading all these reviews, I am highly doubtful I will receive my money.’

I won 150 pounds on this site and requested a withdrawal; I sent everything they requested, and now it’s been eight days waiting for my money. I sent 17 emails to the complaints department and 20 messages on the site itself, and I am still waiting to reply. This is disgusting. I have since reported this to several governing bodies.’

These reviews aren’t cherry-picked from the site’s entire history; they’re all from the front page of their Trustpilot breakdown and all from June and July of 2023.

And this is why automation is so important. The vast majority of these small withdrawals should run through automated AML checks, automated identity checks and have a single human being verify the results each time. Instead, these poor players are taken on a multi-week odyssey; some never get their money, some are banned for complaining, and the 1-star reviews keep piling up.

The alternative is that they intentionally hold onto client money for as long as possible, knowing that some will eventually give up on their withdrawal attempts. That’s criminal.


Now we’re put in a position to review a site that we know is fundamentally flawed. It could be a better starting point, but here we are. So some details:

PocketWin is a mobile-optimized, InTouch branded site that offers casino, bingo, and slot games.

Three featured slots on their homepage fit around 94% RTP (Return to Player percentage), and Cheese Chase is 92.66% RTP. As bad as this is, believe it or not, these RTPs are better than the front page slots that many of the Pocketwin sister sites are pushing.

On the slots page itself, which has no search capability if you’re having a nosy around, they feature three new games:

  • Treasure Of The Sands – 92.02% RTP
  • Double Take – 92.04% RTP
  • Grab A Bite – 92.06% RTP

Ah, there’s the absolute trash RTP we’re used to seeing on the Pocketwin sister sites! This is their usual MO, as you’ll see in the reviews that follow; advertise their 92% slots, stock mostly 94% RTP slots in the background, and vacuum up as much money as possible as quickly as possible.

Pocketwin Games

On the bingo side, they have five rooms and most 90 ball games (85% RTP and 1% jackpot contribution, which is typical in the industry). Progressive jackpots are won by getting 15 numbers on an individual ticket by the time 35 total numbers have been called. Playing bingo accumulates bonus points that can be spent in the PocketWin Bingo Reward Store.

PocketWin also has table games, including Roulette and Blackjack variants. They have an RTP of over 97% with the correct strategy. But they only count for 10% of your rollover for bonus clearance.

Pocketwin Bonuses

With that in mind, let’s look at the Pocketwin bonuses. The 40x rollover requirements are daunting, but given the lack of high RTP machines, you’ll need to be incredibly lucky to clear any of them. The No-Deposit Bonus is £10, and the First Deposit Bonus is a 200% Deposit Match Up to £100. On a 94% RTP slot, you’ll lose £6 out of every £100 on the average rollover. It would help if you did that 40 times without busting out. I hope you have a lucky charm on hand.

What more needs to be said? The automation problems, low RTP, poor support, and withdrawal issues make it a miserable experience. Skywind has created a flatulent ‘masterpiece,’ the smell of which drifts across the UK’s online casino scene like a landfill brimming with rotten eggs.

Who Owns the Pocketwin Sister Sites?

The owner of the Pocketwin sister sites is a corporation called InTouch Games Limited. They were once based in Halesowen, England. This name is being used to file with the UK Gambling Commission. Their license number is 2091.

In 2022, the ownership of these casinos changed. Skywind acquired InTouch Gaming. They are also registered with the UK Gambling Commission under license number 52261.

Rather than move the Pocketwin sister sites over to their license, Skywind decided to keep the current structure. Though, as you’ll read in a short while, one of these casinos will be switching to another set of sister sites quite soon, according to their website. More on that when we talk about Cashmo.

Is Pocketwin Safe and Legit?

As you can see from the links above, both InTouch and Skywind hold valid licenses in the UK, and the Pocketwin sister sites are all properly listed as properties.

But does that make them ‘legit’? Or just ‘legal’?

It’s an essential distinction once you consider that InTouch has been sanctioned twice within 22 months. The reasons cited were AML (anti-money laundering) and self-exclusion (social responsibility) issues. This puts InTouch and Skywind in with some rare companies. Only a few UK-licensed casinos manage two sanctions in two years- At least not the legit ones.

So this begs the question: Are the Pocketwin sister sites safe?

They’re a risky bet, if nothing else. For various reasons, you’re about to see an ocean of one-star Trustpilot reviews, but primarily for massively delayed withdrawals or seized funds. That’s nightmare fuel as far as casino trust is concerned. Pulling out money reliably you win after legitimately clearing that amount according to the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) is the cornerstone of real money online gambling. If you can’t withdraw, what’s the point?

But we’re just going to present the facts; then, it will be your decision as to whether or not you consider the sites’ safe.’

But if you’re asking what we think, the answer is: Probably not.

How Did Skywind’s Acquisition Change the Pocketwin Sister Sites?

Everything changed after Skywind fired the Halesowen support team and moved to Birmingham. The Pocketwin sister sites, never really known for generous payouts in the first place, stopped paying out at all for some customers.

We mean that in two ways. Some customers noticed that the newly available machines had ultra-low payout rates. And some customers who won money had their withdrawals delayed – and, in extreme cases, canceled.

Public reviews started to plummet. Here is a two-month comparison of the Poketwin sister sites’ Trustpilot ratings.If your current rating is 1.7 out of 5 stars with a minimum of 1 star, you’re effectively sitting at an 18% positive rating. It would help if you had one 5-star and one 4-star review out of the following ten reviews to maintain that. The rest can all be one star.

Instead, the sites that dropped even further had to achieve an average of at least eight 1-star reviews out of 10 over two months. That’s a whole new level of ‘bad,’ even for the online casino industry, which does tend to have customers who will 1 star a site just because they lost.

This is simplified: Trustpilot has a weighted system considering customer voting history and other factors. But with all things being equal, this looks like a terrible run for these sites.

So why did so many Pocketwin sister sites earn these ratings drop? We’ll explore the reasons in our honest Pocketwin review, and then we shall delve into the rest of these sister sites to see if there is a pattern.

Let’s move on to the other Pocketwin sister sites to see if any fresh air can be found.

Other Sites Like Pocketwin

We suggest the Heart Bingo sister sites over the Pocketwin sister sites. The two that will give you what you’re looking for are talkSport BET and Heart Bingo.

Heart Bingo

Heart Bingo offers excellent bonuses and a supportive community for bingo and slingo action. Most of their bonus offers have hardly any rollover requirements. After opting in and rolling over your deposit once (to comply with anti-money laundering laws), you get up to £30 on Bingo + 100 Spins on Make Me a Millionaire. Play the 10p rooms and not the 1p rooms for maximum value.

talksport BET

talkSport BET is the best Jammy Moky alternative site for non-bingo play. It even has some reasonable bonus offers. If you like a lot of different wagering types, the £35 in Bonuses and 50 Free Spins offer is excellent. Make a £25 deposit (No Paypal), opt-in, and wager it on qualifying events. Your reward will come in seven days of small bets plus 50 free spins on Big Bass Bonanza. The rollover requirement is only 20x the bonus amount.

Both of these sites have good customer service and excellent Trustpilot reviews. Remember to avoid Paypal deposits if you want to use the bonus offers.


Consider the Heart Bingo sister sites over the Pocketwin sister sites. They’re more trustworthy, better reviewed, with a more extensive variety of games, a higher average RTP, and a more supportive community.

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